2 Weeks Notice Agreement
Agent Fees Agreement

Accommodation Service Level Agreement

You can find information about who is allowed to apply for accommodation and who is covered by the university`s accommodation guarantee on our website. In the main rental period (Aug – Sep), it extends to 4 working days. Efficient and appropriate management of the offer of rooms and the allocation process of all university accommodation for students and doctoral students. We work with other academic colleagues to ensure full compliance with the UUK Code of Conduct on Student Accommodation. This is a drop-in service and no appointment is required. Provide a friendly, courteous and helpful information service to prospective, new and current York University students, parents and staff. During office hours, we strive to answer your call within 10 seconds. During the main rental period (Aug – Sept), it may take longer to answer some calls. The Accommodation Services website is updated with timely and relevant information tailored to its audience. We will recognize complaints within 2 business days and offer a reasonable amount of time to find a solution. The Space Management Front of House Team is available from Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm for accommodation requests. We support the City of York Council`s yorProperty accreditation system.

Rooms in university accommodation are allocated efficiently and appropriately by Accommodation Services in accordance with our room allocation policy. If we cannot provide a response within this time, we will contact the person making the request to provide an update and offer a reasonable amount of time for a response. Accommodation Services will help students find accommodation in the private sector by providing information and organizing an annual „Find a Housemate“ event for postgraduate students with the Graduate Students` Association. If the nature of the complaint is too serious for the informal appeal procedure or if the matter has not been resolved after the complaint has been addressed to the Head of Spatial Management, the University`s formal complaints procedure should be applied. The staff of the hosting services are trained and demonstrate compliance with data protection law. From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, a staff member is available at the reception of the establishment at the information center. The information is detailed and accurate to ensure that our customers are able to find answers to the majority of their questions using the site in the first place. Accommodation Services strives to respond to all routine requests or requests for information within a reasonable time and, if possible, within a period not exceeding 2 working days. During office hours, the team is available for questions via email, phone, and live chat. For more information on our accommodation claims procedure, visit our website.

In rare cases, the office must be closed due to a lack of staff or training. In this case, as many people as possible are communicated by affixing signs in the university`s information centre. .

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