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The role of independent redress systems is to enable fair and appropriate resolution of disputes between real estate agents and consumers, which encompass both buyers and sellers. These compensation schemes can order real estate agents to correct anything they have done wrong, apologize and, in some cases, pay financial compensation. First of all, it is important to know that real estate agent fees can vary depending on a number of factors. This involves you using a broker that works on a commission basis or using a contract broker. The best real estate agents often charge slightly higher fees than their competitors. Compare the statistics and look at who sells real estate like yours the fastest and for the highest amounts – choosing a property with higher fees could pay off if they get a better sale. The commission of a real estate agent can be declared without VAT, but the contract should also indicate the VAT to be paid. For example, if the expected sale price of a house is £200,000 and the estate agent`s commission is 1%, the total is £2,000 + 20% VAT = £2,400 in total. In many cases, you can also negotiate a real estate agent`s fees or commissions, so you can pay less than they originally ask. When we were with the youngest home movers (who had sold a property through a real estate agent in the last two years) as part of 2017 Which? 12% of them say they are dissatisfied with the service they have received from their agent. This is the period for which you are bound by the contract from the date you first sign….

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