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Agreement Client Freelance

In addition to signing a professional contract, you may also need to sign a confidentiality agreement. If you have agreed on a plan for a project as opposed to an hourly rate, what happens if the work changes? „Scope Creep“ is when the requirements of a project exceed the original plan. For the professions, this usually means that your client expects more work for the same expense. If you clearly define the results of the project in your initial agreement, you can cite something concrete if your client tries to insist on more work. Do you think about how you do extra work – do you calculate it at an hourly rate or do you indicate a new project cost? Who are the rights to your work? As an employee, your employer generally has the rights to all the work you do for them, whether it`s photos you take or ideas you share at meetings. If you work as a freelancer, you own your job until you transfer this property to your client. It is up to you to specify whether and when this transfer will take place in your contract, z.B. if you submit your final project as soon as the client has paid in full or at another point. Don`t forget to indicate exactly what your client has, for example. B if he owns the rights to your final project or any ideas you have proposed during the project? Check copyright laws in your country and seek legal advice if you are unsure.

You don`t want your freelance contract to be waived because of a legal technique you don`t know. An independent employment contract should contain as much information as possible about the project in order to avoid any misunderstanding in the future. This simple contract exists to protect both the freelancer and the client. The freelancer is guaranteed for the money he receives for the work provided, and the company is guaranteed for the work and benefits it can expect. Since it is a legal document, it could be used in court if something went wrong. And seriously, I never recommend bonsai enough. It`s for freelancers.

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