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What happens if a landlord refuses to rent you or charge you more because of something in a background check? You will then have rights: you want in any case to check that the tenant has a stable and reliable source of income before authorizing the tenant to sign a lease. You can do this in two ways: you can ask the tenant to give you a copy of a current paystub, or you can go directly to the employer to find out more. Keep in mind that not all employers disclose salary details or other private information. However, the employer can tell you whether or not the tenant is a current employee. If you think a homeowner or home manager violated your rights — or those of another person — if you used background verification, report it to the FTC. And if you`re a homeowner who wants to do the right thing, read using Consumer Reports: What Landlords Need to Know. I recently applied for a 1 bedroom apartment in Pasadena Texas. The manager told me that I was basically approved as long as I didn`t have a crime (which I don`t do), she asked me for an application fee of $150$50 and $100 was the first month of rental because they made a special withdrawal of $99 without bail. They told me they had to do a background check, but if everything went well, I could move in 3 days, wait and wait, and no one called me back, so I went to the office after 5 days and they said I was not allowed for 2 offenses! I asked for my dollar back and they told me they would send me $100 because there was $50 for my background exam, and that was over 3 weeks ago and I still haven`t received my refund! Every time I call, I have a race and no one knows what`s going on. You say the person I need to talk to is not in the office and needs to call me back, but I never get a reminder! What can I do? As a landlord, you have the right to ask any potential tenant to have a criminal background check.

However, you cannot be selective in which candidates you examine the history of the criminal. Some employers may check your context before deciding whether to hire you or keep you in a job. If they do, you will have certain rights under federal law. This FTC article explains your rights related to substantive verification. You have the choice to make a comment. If you do, you need to create a username, otherwise we will not post your comment. The Federal Trade Commission Act authorizes this collection of data for the purpose of managing online comments. Comments and usernames are part of the Federal Trade Commission`s (FTC) public registration system, and usernames are also part of the FTC`s computer registration system. We may use these routine records, as set forth in the FTC Privacy Act System Notes. For more information about how the FTC handles the information we collect, please see our Privacy Policy. Step 3: Order a rental credit and background check, also called the realization of a screening of tenants. This report may contain credit information, a solvent assessment, evacuation, criminal history, employment and/or income check, as well as useful social data about your potential tenant.

It is known that some managers also request financial data directly from the tenant, including bank statements and paychecks. To initiate the substantive request, simply forward the tenant`s name and email address to a company that performs substantive checks. The tenant`s information will then pass through public databases ranging from the sex offender registry to the national terrorist watch list to the county`s criminal search. You can view the fundamental details of all matching records and draw your own conclusions to do your best for your property. While this article is by no means a legal substitute (please contact a landlord-tenant lawyer in your city if you need to), I hope it will give you a better understanding of the substantive controls on how they are used and what your rights are as a tenant. A background exam is only a small part of the application process, but it`s an important step in getting your dream apartment.

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