This desire for reach can help accelerate the return of NFL programming to ABC. Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reported earlier this month that Disney had the idea of challenging CBS or Fox for one of the Sunday afternoon broadcast packages. An important engine for this would be the biggest „range“ prize: a Super Bowl every two years. If Roger Goodell reads this, please ask the abc-talents to wear the yellow blazers again as a condition of this deal. But the question is whether the SEC would donate all of its football games to a network. The league`s current agreement to have tent games on CBS and ESPN has been very successful from an exhibition perspective. Commitment is a critical factor and the reason why the SEC chose to take less money than it could have kept on the open market to stay in its 2008 deal with CBS. CBS has also made it clear that it is all-in with the SEC and encourages the league in different ways that competitors who have made deals with multiple conferences could not do. It has value.

If the deal is validated, the National Collegiate Athletic Association`s (NCAA) high-end college football package would move from commercial channel CBS to ABC, which is owned like ESPN disney, with 15 to 17 games per season. The tender for the new package, which will begin after the 2023 season, would now be north of $300 million per season. CBS` current deal, which covers the next four seasons, is valued at $US 55 million per season. In 1984, after the U.S. Supreme Court struck the NCAA contract in NCAA v. Board of Regents of the Univirsity of Oklahoma and the University of Georgia, the College Football Association was created to settle matters between television stations and college football programs, which was an exclusive contract with ABC, which granted the network`s right to all partner CFA conference games and games of most major independents. However, the Big Ten and Pac-10 conferences were not included in this package and signed an agreement with CBS. Miami also struck a deal for CBS to broadcast its major home games on television, and in 1985 the Atlantic Coast Conference was added to the CBS list of college football properties. In 1985, Musburger played the lead role, with Parseghian passing with him in the cabin. Jim Nantz followed Musburger as a studio animator.

Former SEC Commissioner Mike Slive and his trusted adviser Chuck Gerber convinced SEC executives to give up more money because the other benefits of staying at CBS were worth it. What Sankey and his advisers prioritize and recommend to the SEC is the decision that the television industry can`t stop thinking about. 2017 was the first year of the Big Ten`s new deal with Fox, which placed a big ten football match of the week on fox. According to John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal, the deal was worth $US 240 million a year and covers both football and basketball. In 2017, Fox spent 14 big ten-matches, including the Big Ten Championship between Ohio State and Wisconsin. The network averaged just over 2.8 reviews during those 14 games. And to no one`s surprise, the game got huge TV ratings. NHL and PGA Tour rights will increase even before the SEC`s CBS deal expires, which could impact the market, even if it`s not as big as the NFL. CBS recently added UEFA`s rights to the Champions League, which surprised the industry, though insiders don`t expect it to limit how much it can spend to keep the SEC or PGA Tour. In fact, CBS, which is adding the Champions League, could improve its all-access OTT platform and hint at future aggressiveness, not only to keep, but also add sports-related TV rights.

Last year, CBS acquired the U.S. rights to the Uefa Champions League, European club football`s most important tournament, while SBJ reported in December that the network and NBC had agreed to exceed their financial commitment by about 60 percent to retain the rights to golf`s PGA Tour.

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