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The risk is limited not only by the quality of the required collateral and the monitoring of positions, but also by the careful selection of the counterparty (commercial banks with a sufficient credit rating). In 1983, the Bangladeshi economist established the Grameen Bank, which provides microcredit to poor micro-entrepreneurs who have no collateral to provide, thereby promoting economic development. At the end of May 2012, the volume of gold lent decreased compared to the end of 2011, taking into account the duration of certain longer-term gold credit transactions and the conditions of the secured gold credit market, both in terms of the gold market and the cost of collateral. Depending on the conditions and prospects of the gold market, the bank lends part of its gold assets against guarantees. Taking into account the expiry days of certain long-term gold borrowing operations and the market conditions of secured gold borrowings, both in the gold market and in terms of collateral costs, the amount of money lent decreased at the end of May 2012 compared to the end of 2011. „In the future, strict collateral requirements, such as bank account foreclosures or credit insurance, will become increasingly important. The collateral put in place is closely monitored through daily mark-to-market, both from the current position and the collateral put in place. 10.7 At the request of the buyer, we will release excess collateral at our option if the value of the collateral exceeds the sum of our receivables by more than 20%. CHG-MERIDIAN uses two types of credit facilities in which their claims on customers serve as collateral but are not sold to the bank that finances: we undertake to release the guarantees due to us at the request of the buyer if their value exceeds by more than 20% the claims to be secured and not yet cleared. in addition, the buyer can only do so if he provides sufficient guarantees. These guarantees are applied to haircuts whose value always covers more than 100% of the total market value of the gold credits. As collateral, the bank receives fixed-income securities with excellent credit quality. Depending on the circumstances and prospects in the gold market, the bank lends part of your gold holdings against wages.

National and International Business law, Banking law, International financing / export financing, Collaterals in international business 10.7 If the value of the assets exceeds 20% of the sum of our receivables, we will release the excess collateral at the request of the buyer after our selection. In addition, upon initial request, the buyer must provide us with all necessary information and documents on the stock of the reserved goods and assigned receivables as well as on the assignment of receivables to its customers without delay. Yunus had set up a bank years ago which, without guarantee, grants microcredits to poor small entrepreneurs, thus promoting their economic development. NEUSSELMARTIN, lawyers, lawyers, lawyers, Bad Kreuznach These securities are made on haircuts (security discounts) whose value always covers more than 100% of the current total market value of the borrowed gold. . . .

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