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Patrick Prendergast, President of Trinity College Dublin, and David Madigan, Executive Vice President and Dean of Columbia University`s Faculty of Arts and Sciences, have signed an agreement that officially recognises the new Dual BA programme. This agreement allows a one-year student or two two-semester students to study in Ireland. This partnership is part of a break without a diploma. The agreement signed in February 2018 with Columbia University for a dual BA program was announced as a gamerchanger and the first of its kind in Ireland, offering students a unique bachelor`s experience in a program that spans two continents. There are now 74 students enrolled in this program, who spend the first two years at Trinity and the last two years at Columbia University in New York. The composition is mixed and combines Irish, European and non-European students. Students are admitted to one of four Trinity courses: English; European Studies; history; and the languages and cultures of the Middle East and Europe. Based on the success of this initiative, three new programmes were approved in 2020. For example, these partnerships have had an impact on this diversity: the International Foundation Programme (IFP) of the Marino Institute of Education, the agreement with Columbia University on a Dual BA Degree programme and the agreement with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) for the provision of a joint conclusion in physiotherapy.

Diversity has also increased with participation in the Consortium of Advanced Studies Abroad (CASA). Yes, spouses of a researcher within the scope of a hosting agreement receive an immigration stamp (1G) and can work without the need for a work permit. The event included interventions by Lisa Rosen-Metsch, Dean of the School of General Studies; David Madigan, EPP and Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University; and Dr Patrick Prendergast, President of Trinity College Dublin. Professors from both institutions were also present, as well as trinity-alumni and Irish-Americans from the New York area. After the contract was signed, a reception followed. Principal investigators who intend to hire a researcher from a third country must, as is currently the case, complete an appointment form. The appointment form should clearly indicate that the employee needs a hosting agreement and email contact information for the employee and the IP. Researchers who do not register with GNIB risk revocation of their hosting agreement, risk delays in their applications for residence and end up risking deportation. Once all documents are received, the admission contract and employment contract are sent to the employee in order to help obtain a visa (if the researcher is from a country that needs it).

All practical information is available on the website of the partner University: Please note that, although the hosting agreement process is much faster due to stricter immigration controls, especially for visa-required nationals, it is necessary to pre-register sufficiently for the accession agreement and for the visa procedure: Adrien Martel (ESR 12) wishes to draw the attention of the MCI through EEG-Biofeedback. Ian Robertson is neuropsychological and works on methods to improve brain function, especially during aging, and on the mind/brain mechanisms that are the basis of attention awareness in a number of neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases. . . .

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