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Vacant Land Purchase Agreement And Joint Escrow Instructions California

9 If there is no loan) days after acceptance, provide the seller with a written verification of sufficient resources to complete this transaction. (If verified verification attached.) SELLER FINANCING: The following conditions (or SFA) apply only to financing renewed by the Seller under this option: the debt instrument, the trust deed and, where applicable, other documents of the Buyer contain and implement the following additional provisions: (i) The maximum interest rate set out in paragraph 3C is the actual fixed interest rate for the Seller`s financing; (ii) the trust company contains a request for notice of delay for priority loans; (iii) Buyer must sign and pay a request for derdelinquency notification prior to the closing of the trust account and at any future time if requested by Seller. VACANT COUNTRY PURCHASE AGREEMENTAND JOINT ESCROW INSTRUCTIONSDate,(form VLPA, Revised 4/10) IS AN OFFER OF („Buyer“). REAL PROPERTY TO TO BE ACQUIRED is described, Assessor s Parcel No (s)., California, („Property“)., County PURCHASE PRICE offered is (dollars$). The filing of OF takes place on (date) (or days after acceptance). CONDITIONS: The buyer declares that the funds are good when deposited with a escrow: the deposit is equal to an amount of. ACOMPENSE: The buyer must deposit an accounting on the owner of the trust in an increased amount. $withinDays After acceptance, FINANCING CONDITIONS: to be filed with the trust holder within a sufficient period of time. Once the buyer`s investigation is complete, the seller may ask the buyer to remove any eventuality that it has included in the agreement.

If the buyer eliminates these eventualities, the seller may retain the buyer`s competère if he leaves the contract. Normally, the seller can only keep the count if he is not responsible for the buyer who withdrew from the transaction. For example, every land purchase agreement requires a complete and accurate description of the property. If the description of the agreement is vague or if the description does not correspond to the reality of the property, a condition should be added to the agreement that the purchase takes place only after a technical examination. Banks will almost always insist on an investigation to finance the purchase of real estate. For contingencies or fiduciary services, there is no standard period. . . .

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