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The book defines the four conditions of the management contract and requires leaders to make a conscious decision to carry out, including understanding that leadership is a decision, that it involves an obligation, that it is difficult and that a community is needed. The Executive Contract A fresh and unique book that today deals with uncomfortable truths about leadership. „As a leader, coach and author, I`m always looking for practical and reasonable leadership ideas that work. The idea that we all have stories of individual leadership appealed to me. The more we understand them, the better we will be able to write the last chapter in our personal leadership history. It is a thought and book worthy of your time and attention. Phillip Van Hooser, author of Leaders Ought to Know As leadership is difficult to do, leaders must become tough – resilient – to lead effectively. However, this is only part of what it means to get hard. You have to see that it is not about being tough. It`s easy to yell at people. The abuse of employees is simple. True hardness involves the courage to make difficult decisions about poor performance, to hold people to account and to give honest feedback. Instead of tackling these issues head-on, many heads of state and government are lashing out. Recent studies show that only 7 per cent of employees trust their senior managers.

How can companies succeed without the support of their employees? This book aims to create better leaders and build a true culture of leadership that inspires the entire organization. I have to say I`m a pretty tough judge for consultants and third-party experts. I had a lot of exposure to a lot of them. They are truly first class: their style, content and approach were exactly what was needed. „Great leaders are not born, they are made. That`s why you have to read The Leadership Contract. This book is both a tool and a hard dose of reality that will wake you up, what it really takes to guide people and to help you make yourself the guide your people deserve. Jeb Blount, author of People Follow You Extraordinary Guided Tour is at the heart of a successful organization.

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